What is a marine survey?
A marine survey is a detailed inspection of your boat in order to determine its material condition and seaworthiness.  Valuation is also part of a marine survey and is required by lenders or insurance agencies.

Why do I need a marine Survey?
You do not want to spend the day on the water in a boat that is unsafe.  Knowing the condition and safety compliance status of your boat is not only a safe and prudent thing to do as a boat owner but will be needed in most cases to get financing and insurance.  Only a survey by a qualified marine surveyor will provide a marine survey that is acceptable to major institutions.

Who needs a marine survey?
Anyone who currently owns a pleasure boat or commercial craft or is thinking about buying or selling one should have a marine survey done.  The marine survey will determine if you are carrying the proper amount of insurance coverage, this is and important part of protecting yourself from the risk of a financial loss.

What does a marine surveyor do?
A certified marine surveyor inspects all material aspects of a boat. Such things as hull and structural condition, machinery, electrical, safety equipment and more are assessed by looking in every corner of the vessel, running equipment and reviewing the boat's maintenance history.  Surveyors can find problems long before they become a serious problem that could cost you financially or personally.

How can I prepare for a marine survey?
All unnecessary gear should be removed, leaving the boat free of clutter so that all spaces can be accessed for inspection.  Bring any necessary keys and have all arrangements and permissions for a sea-trial in place.

Should I plan to attend the marine survey?
Yes, if possible. Surveyors will need someone who is familiar with the vessel present to allow access and grant permission to board.  If you are a prospective buyer, it is helpful to be able to point out trouble spots and areas of concern that you may have.  If you cannot be present, give your contact information to the surveyor in-case he needs to discuss an important condition or finding.

How often do I have to get a marine survey?
It depends on the insurance company, the value of your boat and its age.  We recommend having a marine survey done every three years or when current conditions dictate otherwise (prepare for a sale, vessel overhaul/haul out or accident).

Can I do a marine survey myself?
Unless you are an experienced and certified marine surveyor it is not recommended, especially on larger vessels which tend to have more sophisticated systems.  Most buyers and owners are not usually experienced enough or mechanically inclined to be able to do an inspection on their own.  In addition, most insurance companies require the marine survey be done by a certified or accredited professional such as surveyors that are with the National Association of Marine Surveyors (NAMS) or Society of Accredited Marine Surveyors (SAMS), like the two principals of California Marine Surveyors!

How long will a complete survey of my vessel take?
The physical inspection of the vessel can be a few hours or more than a full day depending on the size and condition of the vessel. The written report will be delivered within seven working days, but we typically finish the report within a few days of the actual inspection.

Can my family come along during the sea trail portion of the survey?
We recommend that family members or other individuals not involved with the survey stay off the vessel for their safety and to allow the surveyor to perform his work without any hindrance.

How much does a marine survey cost?
California Marine Surveyors typically charge a fee for a condition and valuation survey that is based on the size of the boat, usually a per foot rate that is generally anywhere from $14 to $20 per foot.  Age of the vessel is also a factor and travel fees may apply.  This fee usually covers the actual cost of the marine survey only and does not cover other specialty services like non-destructive testing or divers.  Call us to discuss your situation and needs for an accurate and competitive price.  Note: we will travel from the San Diego area, including Mexico!

What is The National Association of Marine Surveyors (NAMSGlobal)?
NAMS is a professional society that sets technical standards and requirements as well as ethics standards for marine surveyors.  This organization is recognized by all marine industries. Follow the link for more information!

What is The Society of Accredited Marine Surveyors (SAMS)?
SAMS is also a professional society with comparable requirements to SAMS and fully recognized by industry.  Follow the link for more information!

Terms & abbreviations which may be used in a survey report. Download here

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